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We at Real Eco Friendly Cleaning are here to help you with your home cleaning needs.  Our cleaners are friendly, trained and police checked.

You can organize a quote by choosing exactly what you want done in your cleaning service. This is our custom service using our unique checklist. We will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours. You will be allocated one of our friendly cleaners who will look after your needs.

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Once-Off Clean is very handy if you find yourself unable to do your usual clean – perhaps you are working extra hours, are physically unable for a short period of time or you will be away and don’t like the idea of stale odours or dust piling up, then the Once-off clean is for you. Ideal as a gift for someone you love.

Exit clean improves the value of your home both immediately and markedly – it prepares your rental property for your new tenant or before handing the keys in once you’ve moved out.       NB: at no time can Real Eco Friendly Cleaning guarantee the refund of the Bond when conducting an Exit clean on rental properties

Spring Clean is great for starting with a clean slate. A Spring Clean is a super clean that includes everything from your exhaust fans and oven to your door knobs! – and when it is backed up with a Maintenance Clean the only scent you will pick up is the crisp aroma of cleanliness!

Regular clean can be as often as a few times a week and as far apart as once a month. The maintenance clean is for those who either can’t physically clean, are simply too busy or like the freshness of a clean as a whistle clean.  min 2 hrs

Custom Clean means we clean specific areas at your request. We omit or add certain items on our Standard cleaning list to make sure you get the clean you need.


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